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Ark for Earth?


High flying ambitions and dreams of humans;

Inhuman greed and rat-race;

Consequences: Climate Change;

Recession; miseries and all else:

Terrorism: state sponsored and creed inspired;

Hatching brainwashed missionaries:

Brinkmanship: for how long?

Barbarism: at what cost?

Civilization: still a distant dream?!!!

Scratch the surface:

The beast emerges!

The mighty-Yes: but so helpless!

The beast: cows them down!

The world drowns itself:

In self-created noises!

The minority of the mighty rules:

Cowed down by the beast:

Under their skins!

The helpless, crawling creatures:

The public:

Goes for futile: teeth-gnashing: Yawning:

And groaning; and making:

Money and a living;

The world goes on and on:

The climate change; recession chain;

Terrorism; and all else;

The growing number of:

The endangered species!


What next?

Noah’s Ark 2?

For the Endangered Earth?!!!

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Self Portrait of God!

By God?

Oh God!

Who would say “Yes- By God!”

It sure is God as God-

As I know my Maker-

My Protector-

My Father- My Mother-

Who by-passes…

Biology: Reproductive- Productive!


And lo!-

Becomes My Father! My Mother!

And God!

Without any hassle, tussle, tossing and torture!

No Heartbreaks, No Babysitting!

Not a second of nursing of babies or

Caring of an ill- dying child…

Becomes Father-God!

Who loses not even for a second

His sleep!

Keeps busy somewhere…anywhere

Except where needed!

And a God-

Extorter of one’s pound of flesh!

Absurd God!

Even more Absurd Father!

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Not For The Drowning

GOD's Boat Not For The Drowning


Don’t Expect!

If you’re drowning!

So what?

Go on…


God and

God’s boat,

It’s not

For you and me

So go on drown.

Why nurture false hopes

And waste life

In futile prayers?

God and God’s boat

Are not for you and me.

Never forget–so…

Don’t expect.

Why pray?

Do all you can

Go on

Save yourself

Be your own God!

Sea or storm

Be stronger

Than both

Only you can

Save yourself


Forget not

And remember

God and God’s boat


Only for those who have their own boats!

Who are not drowning!

Who are cruising in calm sea!

Having all leisures and pleasures!

If you’re wondering why

God and God’s boat is not for the drowning

But for the cruisers in leisure and pleasure

And calm sea…


God helps those who help themselves

Who have their own boats

Who are not drowning!

So God helps those …

Now, you know


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Taking off to Heaven

Taking Off to Heaven

Flight to Heaven

Set to fly




Available of Your Choice.

Politicians policemen peons

The poor

The Rich


The Dons-The Film stars

All are Welcome!

And Why not

Come one-Come All!

Devotees of All


Fanatics, Pandits,

Qazis, Priests

Seats for All

Whatever- Wherever

is your God

This Flight to Heaven

Of God Airways

Is truly secular

It’s for you all

come fly–

The Best Facilities

All Super super super…..


Keep multiplying them…

God Airways is Super fantastic

So you get them all

After all You are

Flying to Heaven!


God Airways

Flight to Heaven!

It’s now time

Say Good Bye

Check in-

Get aboard

Get set

See you in



So long!

Breaking News:

Unforseen circumstances

Forced it!

God Airways

Flight to Heaven


Landed safely!

In Hell.

All passengers


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Crawling Worms

On the Road - Driving

Humans inhuman

Civilized barabarians

What’re we?

Where’re we?

Dollars for war

Pennies for peace!

Power to kill

Life a pill

Man almighty

Subdued by

Jiggery Pokery

Carpets poetry

Plays lottery!


That lives as

A crawling worm!

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Into The Unknown

Life is--What?

Untouchable Life?
Yes,living it, but
Can you hold it
In your hand
Like your credit card?
Life electricity?
Lightning, golden rays of sun
Shining gleaming glory
In the darkest
Tempest of threatening clouds
Full of lightning and thunder
Threats, thunder, lightning whatever!
But keeps going
Gleaming, golden serene
As a tree And
Gentle caressing caring
Fresh water
Pooled and plenty
For tired birds,
Offering them peace
Peace of alive nourishing rest
To renew their energies
And charge their wings
For the long flight ahead
For the life, lightning and all that’s waiting
The flight into the unknown
Challenging the lightning
That’s what the bird is
All about perhaps
And that perhaps-is-
What-life-is too!
A bird
And its flight
Into the Unknown!

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