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What am I?

The Creation

Then who am I?

A creation?

Who is one

Who created it?

The Creator?

Isn’t the Creator…God?

So..the creation

Your eyes see..

It’s Creator..is he/she God?

What makes one Creator God..

The other one a mortal?

O.K. Say , the body is not the God..

It rots, suffers, decays, dies!

Creations too many go the body way..

But what makes the body create?

From where the creation is created?


Is it the body only that creates..

The Creation?

The body is only like a pencil..

An instrument..a tool.

It’s not the creator!

So, who is?

Yes, my creation you’re seeing

But, who am I whose creation

You’re seeing?

Who creates using instruments

Tools, pencils, body?

I created it,

So, I’m it’s creator

And the creator is God! Immortal!

So who am I?

And what am I?

A Pencil only?


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