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In Search of Meaning

In Quest of Significance


In Search of Meaning

In Quest of Significance

Necessary?   Is It?

For everything

For every creation

To be Meaningful?

Have Significance?

Senses we know

Tastes we always crave for

Or shy away from.

Bitter is not we crave for


Bitter things are also good for us

For our health

Sweet ones we all

Hardly can give up

Are mostly full of harm

And hurt causing;

Our bodies should

mostly avoid.

Yet we can’t;  we cannot

We Don’t.

What sense is that?

What meaning and significance it has?

Art too is same:

Some art is sweet

Other there is that  has

Bitter bitterness!

It seems beyond..

It may be earlier…

For it to create

A Meaning for it

Significance of it

May yet be still

In its womb.

And delivery of Meaning – Significance

Of it may still be on its way

To take Birth.


It is for the viewer to

grasp-search-find create

Whatever Meaning

Whatever Significance

A Creation has.

Art-Creation is nothing

But Art-Creation-Reality.


All are yours

Only yours alone

Keep them to yourself or share

With us all

But first give them


But first of all

Consider sincerely

Your life — Your living

What Meaning–What significance

How much value

Have they all?

For the World

For Society

Your environment

For what you do — And don’t

For all you love — You hate —

You are indifferent to?

Shouldn’t You — Dear?



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Looking Ahead

Dawn of Life

Life’s charming,  It’s beautiful
Life’s agony,  it’s devastating

But really…O really

Life’s What I Take It As

A Hero,  a coward,  or a

Particle of dust!

Death snatches my Dearest

My own ones stab me

In my back

My own do me a Brutus!

I’m betrayed

Shattered I feel

In Hell..on fire

I seem

Is this life?

Have I a God?

Why Life’s so brutal?

Why it’s the brute?

But..take a break

Take a few cool breaths!

I’ve allowed myself to be overruled!

Let life to cow me down to dust!

I’ve taken to darkness as

Birds take to wings!

Why not!  Sure,

Let me have my wings!  But

Let me not take wings to dive to despair!

Wings are to soar to

Freedom and ecstasies of life!

To soar beyond and above

And away from all hells!

Where life’s charming,  Where it’s beautiful!

Yes really…O really

Life’s what I take it as

As I take life so I make life!

As a Hero, a coward, a particle of dust, or

As My Own God!

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Looking Far and Beyond

Eye Undaunted, Undefeated,



COW MANTRA is the attitude. It is The Way of the Winner.

Cow Mantra is- Confront-Overcome-Win, whatever, whoever you have to win over or against.


Winners are not born.

The Winners wins because they won’t even die without winning!

For winners, winning only matters.

Life, Death, God, Devil, Destiny, Death, whatever, the winners confront all, overcome all, win all.


Why Win?

Why not?

What is winning?


Winning is not winning a lottery, winning the love, honors, prizes, posts, all ephemeral honors, awards etc.

Winning all these cannot make you the complete winner, the perfect winner, until you win over your own self, your destiny, over your God, devil, and your hell.


Winning is real when you go for real winning over your own self which is overcast with and overshadows you with blocks of destiny, luck, devil and God.

The real, perfect, absolute winner is one who is one’s own God.


To be a winner, be your own God!

How can you be a winner as long as you are dependent upon a god, destiny, luck, something or someone for winning?

Discover the God within you. Be your own God.  This is Cow Mantra.

(Excerpt from: BE YOUR OWN GOD)

( BE YOUR OWN GOD is written by me, to be published later.)



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