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Into The Unknown

Life is--What?

Untouchable Life?
Yes,living it, but
Can you hold it
In your hand
Like your credit card?
Life electricity?
Lightning, golden rays of sun
Shining gleaming glory
In the darkest
Tempest of threatening clouds
Full of lightning and thunder
Threats, thunder, lightning whatever!
But keeps going
Gleaming, golden serene
As a tree And
Gentle caressing caring
Fresh water
Pooled and plenty
For tired birds,
Offering them peace
Peace of alive nourishing rest
To renew their energies
And charge their wings
For the long flight ahead
For the life, lightning and all that’s waiting
The flight into the unknown
Challenging the lightning
That’s what the bird is
All about perhaps
And that perhaps-is-
What-life-is too!
A bird
And its flight
Into the Unknown!


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