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The Web of tangled life

Life: Fate-Destiny-Karma only ?

Lives and Lines

Tangled as uncombed


Jumbled words as


Not – the choice –

But Is it Fate – Destiny – Karma?

Life as tangled hair

and lines

As jumbled words!

How can one live

The life

As a web of tangled

Hair, lines and

Jumbled words?


Any God-Saint 0r Prophet

All fail to ease

The tangled lives and lines

Make them easy and comfortable

To live with,

All who go on living the

Tangled lives

What do they

Get out of

Their Tangled lives!

As they go on

Living still



Are they brave?

The Heroes?

Are they

Lost ones who

Just don’t

Give up

Not knowing

They ‘re lost


But keeping alive

Going on living,


A life tangled

Is victory

In Itself!

Who knows

How- Why

And When

Life may untangle

And be a Rose

A fragrance

A smooth flowing


Or Perhaps –

The Dream come true!

Love-Ecstasy Or

Remain tangled



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Crawling Worms

On the Road - Driving

Humans inhuman

Civilized barabarians

What’re we?

Where’re we?

Dollars for war

Pennies for peace!

Power to kill

Life a pill

Man almighty

Subdued by

Jiggery Pokery

Carpets poetry

Plays lottery!


That lives as

A crawling worm!

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Island Hearts

Hearts: Islands or Oceans

When hearts become islands

Oceans become distances

Distances create separation

Separations cause aloofness

Aloofnesses become apathies

Apathies poison empathies

Empathies poisoned turn into

Stones and rocks.

The Hearts

As stones and rocks

Become Islands

That were born

To be Oceans

Not of distances

But oceans as


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Extinct Life,

Once that was!

Life That Was!

Life Extinct

Alive – Colorful!


That’ no more.

Song –

That was melody –

Is silence now.

Wonder –

Beauty –

Grace –

Magic –

All that’s left is

But a blade of –


A record –

in words –

On paper no longer.

All –

Digital – nanoized!


Progress of –

Homo sapiens!

Extinction –

for all else –

That is a hurdle

In fulfilment of

Desires –

Hungers –

Riches –

Money making.

Homo sapiens is:

Extinction for:

Wonder –


Grace –

Magic –


To fulfil –

Needs –

Desires –

Which drive Homo Sapiens-To –

Award extinction to All!

Until –

A day comes –

When –

Desperate –

Mad –

This homo sapiens –

Plunges –

Self –

As well –

Into –

What else –

But extinction!

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Keep Going

You're Not a Pothole

Life is not stagnant

It’s dynamic

You can stagnate

If you stop

And life goes on.

If life goes on

And you don’t,

What would happen to you

What’s the answer

Won’t you be like a pothole in the road?

The road that goes on on on

Like Life!

Why be a pothole?

You’ve to keep going

Keep going

Perhaps what you get to

On the way maybe


Maybe Hell!

But still

You’ve to keep going

Paradise or Hell

It’s Life – keep going

One day – maybe


Another day – maybe –

Paradise too!

Yet don’t relax!

Don’t take easy!

The next day maybe –

One Hell!

Just Hell and

Hundreds- Hells!

It’s Life>

You’ve to keep going!

You’re not a pothole!

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Into The Unknown

Life is--What?

Untouchable Life?
Yes,living it, but
Can you hold it
In your hand
Like your credit card?
Life electricity?
Lightning, golden rays of sun
Shining gleaming glory
In the darkest
Tempest of threatening clouds
Full of lightning and thunder
Threats, thunder, lightning whatever!
But keeps going
Gleaming, golden serene
As a tree And
Gentle caressing caring
Fresh water
Pooled and plenty
For tired birds,
Offering them peace
Peace of alive nourishing rest
To renew their energies
And charge their wings
For the long flight ahead
For the life, lightning and all that’s waiting
The flight into the unknown
Challenging the lightning
That’s what the bird is
All about perhaps
And that perhaps-is-
What-life-is too!
A bird
And its flight
Into the Unknown!

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Will the Ocean win

Would the death win

What’s the struggle about

Why Life has always a

Fight on hand

Why Life never ceases

Even in sleep

Facing a nightmare!

The Ocean…The death

They look so mighty

So frightening– But

Not always Mighty and Frightening

Enough for life!

Life has Spark, Light and

Something that never dies

Which never-never-never

Is ever frightened-that

Something in life- of life

Is really that–is really

Frightening for the ocean

Scary for the death

Whatever The Ocean-The Death

May do-That Something of Life

Is beyond The Ocean-Beyond the Death

However frightening-However Scary

The Ocean is- The death could be

Who cares-Not Life-not That of Life

Which Never Dies-Never scared-

Frightened? Never!- Why?

It’s something that- Never Dies!

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