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Nothing or Something

What’s Nothing – What’s not Nothing?

Just Nothing. . . ?

But Nothing what?

What’s Nothing?

What’s not Nothing?

Is Nothing something Meaningless?

Is Nothing anything Worthless?

Is Abstract – Creativity. . .


Is whatever is beyond Understanding –

Worthless, Meaningless?

Is it Nothing too?

Is there Meaning, Worth, Understanding

In Everything?

Is Meaning, Worth, Understanding

A Necessity?

What we consider the

Worth Meaning, Understanding –

Is that Truth?

Is that Real?

What’ Illusion?

Has it Worth, Meaning, Understanding?

Is it nothing or something?

All that What we

Believe –

Is Life, –  is Universe –

Or God, – or Religion –

All just Illusion?

All just Nothing?

What’s Nothing -?

What’s not Nothing?

Who knows –

Who can know

Life – or – Death?

Or God? – Or –

Are we too –

Just Nothing?

Why are we alive?

Why die?

What’s life?

Just Nothing?


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Eyes of Knowledge

Eyes of Knowledge

Is that really knowledge

We assume to have?

Understanding is not that’s

Assumed to be understanding.

Life is a mystery we

Assume we’ve mastered.

As we assume we have

Nature as our slave.

How much we really


How much we really


How much we really know


How much is all that we


How much  is really the


Universe, God, Religion

All Energies out there

Leave them for a while

Immerse yourself and

Absorb all here

You are looking at

Try and get to its


Is it easier to understand it


Life and all that we


We know and




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God is. . .guess?

God is an Eagle! 

Eagle is in Heaven!

Heaven is high

On a rock!

Rock is high

Very high

On top.

God’s heaven is on. .

Top of a rock!

God is an eagle eye!

Oh God!

God is an eye. . .

That hunts!

God is a

Talon – that –


An unaware –

Newly hatched –


God flies!


So enchanting!

God is magic –

With wings 1!

High – higher –

Highest – in –

Sky – so blue!

God is beauty!

God is magic! 

God is –

A hunter!

God is –

An eagle!


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Five Minutes To Live! Death Waits!

What Would You Do?

  If  I’m ready to die I will enjoy my last five minutes with soft music and write my last thoughts.

If  I’m not, I’ll not die. . .five minutes or five years. . .I’ll make death wait, till I’m ready to die!

How? You’ll wonder. But more than wonder, you will think I’m crazy or gone mad.

How can anyone make death wait? Death waits for no one! Death respects no one! It’s the universal belief. Everyone believes it as truth.

Yet, once everyone believed Earth was flat, Sun went round the earth! So many beliefs, superstitions, myths were believed to be true, real as facts, but were neither the truth nor the facts.

I believe I can make death wait just as the Wright brothers believed they would make their machine fly! As Edison believed he will make the light bulb. Trains, cars planes, rockets, movies, television, cell phones, computers, once all such necessities of today were the “Impossibles” and no one even dreamed about them.

Can you imagine a Napoleon with a ‘net’ connection, a cell phone, an airforce, tanks, and all the modern weapons? What he would have achieved or perhaps destroyed? Time-travel even farther back to Alexander! What he would have done or undone?

The ‘impossible’ of today is the reality, or even the ‘necessity’ of tomorrow, a part of our  life. The reality of our life we often ignore is that we defy death daily in our lives. We go on living and keep death off, waiting, waiting, waiting. Death waits – we live – we go on living.

Heart attack patients survive, cancer patients survive,  and live. Even AIDS fails and death waits as HIV positives live.

Science and we make death wait. And science is not divine! It’s human achievement, human brilliance of mind and spirit, though not always used in positive ways and means sadly.

Death is like the darkness of the night. Man has for ages defied darkness of night with fire, with candles, torches and Edison eliminated darkness of the night with his light bulb. Now with power supply and countless ways of lighting, we have total control over darkness. Now stadiums of cricket and football are floodlit at night as spectators enjoy and the teams contest for winning.

Markets, Malls, Hotels, Homes all are brightly lit at night, as my study is at present ninety minutes from midnight and as I write this on my computer, darkness fully controlled by switches which we switch off and on at our will. We have mastered darkness, thanks to a genius like Edison and countless others like him.

I’m not Edison. I don’t want to be the Edison. I want to be myself, nothing else. I refuse to be the slave of darkness of any kind. I refuse to accept the mastery of death over me. Death to me is what darkness was to Edison. He experimented ten thousand times and did not succeed. People made fun of his failures. But his failures were not final. He defied darkness, eliminated darkness.

Death is perhaps the last darkness we face. And I’m not going to be intimidated by any darkness. I’ve lived my life defying and defeating darknesses of human hearts, human desires, human greeds, human minds; darknesses of this world, our societies. So many darknesses still around us, still plague our lives.

Some of us accept defeat and surrender themselves to these. But most of us have tough hearts and minds, determination and confidence. We defy these darknesses.

Last five minutes! O’ yes! I’ll make death wait until I’m ready to die!

When my day is done with, all I had to do has been done, the time comes when I think, I decide, all is done. Now, the bed, and the sleep! Go on! So, it’s then I leave everything, say good night. It’s my bed, and me only now!

So I finally switch off the light and welcome the dark! The darkness I had kept waiting! I’ll keep death waiting too! Until I’m ready to switch off the light!

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Darkness all over

Brooding, dominating


Ocean of Darkness.

Waves rising, ever-rising

Of mounting darkness


Mountains of darkest waves

Ever rising in

stormy ocean of darkness.

All is darkness –But-

Oh but–but-

Oceanic Mountainous

The darkest darkness

Like the calm eye of 

A hurricane-

Is not all darkness.

And just darkness only.

The amazing wonder-

The heart of darkness

Is a wonder.

The Heart of Darkness


The Home

The Glow

Of Light!


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Nature - Dictionary of Life

Nature is everything

The Dictionary of Life

Absurd to Zany

Zen to Zombie

Aberrations abound

Zoophyte laughter

Incognito and so


Incoherent and ludicrous

As black comedy

Or Vaudeville.

Full of farce and

Hallucinating without

Halter but

Hanky- panky, and why

Dinosaur as extinct


But in the Dictionary

That is Nature

Forget extinction.

Dinosaur as Dinosaur


Only to

Change and evolve

Getting Wings and colors

And songs – even


No more the slave of

The mountainous body.

Showing what Nature is

As life Alive Undying.

Dinosaur which dies

Gets wings – colors – songs

And the sky

Flight that soars

Wings that rise

To the sky

Prisoner no more

Of bulk and weight.

Oh Nature!  Nature Aah!

The Dictionary of Life


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