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The Spirit Wins

The spirit Wins

Emptiness of loneliness

Suffering of solitary existence

Crowding all around

The world squeezing

Life confining Self

The Sufferer goes on

On on on suffering

Life deals harsh cards

The spirit still defiant


Keeps life alive

Come what may

Spirit defies–defeats

Come what may

What’s loneliness–suffering


The spirit confronts–



Come what may—!


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Bullets into Flowers


Flower or Bullet

Choice is yours

Would You

Can You

Be the One


On Earth

To Civilize

The rampaging

And marauding


In the Beings

Who are proud of being

The Lords of the Earth

Who have pocketed

The dust and rocks

Of the Moon

And who belong to

One or the other

God or Gods

Son of  God

Avatars,  Devtas,  Devis

Prophets and Gurus


Who are still

Beastly enough to be

The Destroyers and the Death

Of the Best

The Innocent

The Childlike

In the Humans

Are You the One

Who would

Overcome the Bullet

In You…and

Let it be…

A Flower! ?

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Island Hearts

Hearts: Islands or Oceans

When hearts become islands

Oceans become distances

Distances create separation

Separations cause aloofness

Aloofnesses become apathies

Apathies poison empathies

Empathies poisoned turn into

Stones and rocks.

The Hearts

As stones and rocks

Become Islands

That were born

To be Oceans

Not of distances

But oceans as


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Will the Ocean win

Would the death win

What’s the struggle about

Why Life has always a

Fight on hand

Why Life never ceases

Even in sleep

Facing a nightmare!

The Ocean…The death

They look so mighty

So frightening– But

Not always Mighty and Frightening

Enough for life!

Life has Spark, Light and

Something that never dies

Which never-never-never

Is ever frightened-that

Something in life- of life

Is really that–is really

Frightening for the ocean

Scary for the death

Whatever The Ocean-The Death

May do-That Something of Life

Is beyond The Ocean-Beyond the Death

However frightening-However Scary

The Ocean is- The death could be

Who cares-Not Life-not That of Life

Which Never Dies-Never scared-

Frightened? Never!- Why?

It’s something that- Never Dies!

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