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Be The Best


Hey…What’s going on?

What’s going to happen?

Is it competition or

A battle to death?

A game or a struggle?

Is it a graphic representation of

My life; Your life?

Are the differing shades

Of You and me..

Fighting? Struggling? Competing?

To overcome the others

To dominate the others

To stifle the others

Oh What? If they unite?

Be One!

Why destroy each other?

Destroy the conflicts!

Be One!

Do even better…

Be the Best!


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The Winner

The Winner who gives up and leaves

The Winner is the one who gives up and leaves!

Not because he/she gets beaten, defeated, frustrated, burnt out.

But to move forward, he/she moves one’s goal post further, higher!

The winner gives up after achieving one’s goal to win and achieve…

The Winner gives up all one has achieved to raise the bar higher and further to achieve the better and higher, the happier.

The Winner strives on…That’s giving up.

Give up..but only to raise one’s bar for the better, the higher.

Keep giving up. Keep striving, to find..if there’s any highest to the higher you’ve given up.

What’s the best to the better you’ve given up?

See if you can give up the best even!

What’s beyond the best?


How much can you give up?

How long can you?

The Winner

The Winner who gives up and leaves

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The Web of tangled life

Life: Fate-Destiny-Karma only ?

Lives and Lines

Tangled as uncombed


Jumbled words as


Not – the choice –

But Is it Fate – Destiny – Karma?

Life as tangled hair

and lines

As jumbled words!

How can one live

The life

As a web of tangled

Hair, lines and

Jumbled words?


Any God-Saint 0r Prophet

All fail to ease

The tangled lives and lines

Make them easy and comfortable

To live with,

All who go on living the

Tangled lives

What do they

Get out of

Their Tangled lives!

As they go on

Living still



Are they brave?

The Heroes?

Are they

Lost ones who

Just don’t

Give up

Not knowing

They ‘re lost


But keeping alive

Going on living,


A life tangled

Is victory

In Itself!

Who knows

How- Why

And When

Life may untangle

And be a Rose

A fragrance

A smooth flowing


Or Perhaps –

The Dream come true!

Love-Ecstasy Or

Remain tangled


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Keep Going

You're Not a Pothole

Life is not stagnant

It’s dynamic

You can stagnate

If you stop

And life goes on.

If life goes on

And you don’t,

What would happen to you

What’s the answer

Won’t you be like a pothole in the road?

The road that goes on on on

Like Life!

Why be a pothole?

You’ve to keep going

Keep going

Perhaps what you get to

On the way maybe


Maybe Hell!

But still

You’ve to keep going

Paradise or Hell

It’s Life – keep going

One day – maybe


Another day – maybe –

Paradise too!

Yet don’t relax!

Don’t take easy!

The next day maybe –

One Hell!

Just Hell and

Hundreds- Hells!

It’s Life>

You’ve to keep going!

You’re not a pothole!

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