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Might v/s Right

Might and Right

Yes…Might is so often Right!

Churches, Temples, Mosques-

Mighty machineries of Law-Order-Justice-God-

What Utter Failures are all these!

Then What’s the State of Right?

Has not the Right-

The Right to Life, to Liberty-

To Pursuit of Happiness?

Made in the Image of God!

The Ruler of The Earth!

The Splitter of Atom!

Man is still tolerating Might is Right!

Is happy with The Beast-

And The Wilderness-

In Himself!

The Beast has-Tamed –

The Man- the Image of God!

The Wilderness in Man has –

Ruled over The Image of God!

Both have shamed-

The Man-The Image of God!

The Tamer of Lions and Tigers-

When ‘ll he stir up-

To Tame and Master-

The Beast in Himself-

And The Wilderness?

For How Long-

Man the Murderer-

Of The Right-

With Might-

Go on murdering-

The Right with the Might?

Split the Atom-if You must-

Split not The Might from The Right-

Split Might from Right means-

Crime is Right!

Wrong is Right!

When would Might and Right be-

United and One?


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Desert Swimmer



I knew not into What!

I had cried! I’m told

While taking in my first breath

Then for some more breaths

The first ones as I came out

Into this world

Squeezed out of a womb

And began my roller-coaster


Swimming through a desert

A spark in the sky, but only

A particle of dust

On fire

Falling…falling..to be nothing!


All the Fire and Fury

To End in Nothing?

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