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Nothing or Something

What’s Nothing – What’s not Nothing?

Just Nothing. . . ?

But Nothing what?

What’s Nothing?

What’s not Nothing?

Is Nothing something Meaningless?

Is Nothing anything Worthless?

Is Abstract – Creativity. . .


Is whatever is beyond Understanding –

Worthless, Meaningless?

Is it Nothing too?

Is there Meaning, Worth, Understanding

In Everything?

Is Meaning, Worth, Understanding

A Necessity?

What we consider the

Worth Meaning, Understanding –

Is that Truth?

Is that Real?

What’ Illusion?

Has it Worth, Meaning, Understanding?

Is it nothing or something?

All that What we

Believe –

Is Life, –  is Universe –

Or God, – or Religion –

All just Illusion?

All just Nothing?

What’s Nothing -?

What’s not Nothing?

Who knows –

Who can know

Life – or – Death?

Or God? – Or –

Are we too –

Just Nothing?

Why are we alive?

Why die?

What’s life?

Just Nothing?


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