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Nothing or Something

What’s Nothing – What’s not Nothing?

Just Nothing. . . ?

But Nothing what?

What’s Nothing?

What’s not Nothing?

Is Nothing something Meaningless?

Is Nothing anything Worthless?

Is Abstract – Creativity. . .


Is whatever is beyond Understanding –

Worthless, Meaningless?

Is it Nothing too?

Is there Meaning, Worth, Understanding

In Everything?

Is Meaning, Worth, Understanding

A Necessity?

What we consider the

Worth Meaning, Understanding –

Is that Truth?

Is that Real?

What’ Illusion?

Has it Worth, Meaning, Understanding?

Is it nothing or something?

All that What we

Believe –

Is Life, –  is Universe –

Or God, – or Religion –

All just Illusion?

All just Nothing?

What’s Nothing -?

What’s not Nothing?

Who knows –

Who can know

Life – or – Death?

Or God? – Or –

Are we too –

Just Nothing?

Why are we alive?

Why die?

What’s life?

Just Nothing?


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Eyes of Knowledge

Eyes of Knowledge

Is that really knowledge

We assume to have?

Understanding is not that’s

Assumed to be understanding.

Life is a mystery we

Assume we’ve mastered.

As we assume we have

Nature as our slave.

How much we really


How much we really


How much we really know


How much is all that we


How much  is really the


Universe, God, Religion

All Energies out there

Leave them for a while

Immerse yourself and

Absorb all here

You are looking at

Try and get to its


Is it easier to understand it


Life and all that we


We know and




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World beyond words

Art of the Unknown

So this is Art

Abstract – Creative

Nonsense for many

For most maybe

For me too – until –

I grasp in words

For me – for you – for all –

Who care to explore

The depth of the Unconscious

Subconscious, or whatever.

It’s Art of the Unknown Depths

Of the Unknown Life

Like the unknown depths of the ocean

Of world beyond words, senses,

Knowledge, understanding

The world within me


I dive and delve…until there

It is.  Images which evolve

Out on the blank sheet.

The mystery of the Unknown,

Who understands it?

Who can?

Who understands life?

Who can?

Who understands death?

Who can?

Life is lived without understanding life.

Everyone dies too without understanding death.

And Art?

Is it nonsense if..

We fail to understand it?

Or give it a meaning..?

A name?

Learning to live with

The unknown mystery

Without understanding it

Is not being a fool …

It’s Life.

Understanding may come


It may not come at all.


Is not a reason to reject


Reject Art..

To destroy Creativity


To seek the Mystery

The unknown

The un-understandable.


What would life….

Be.. then?

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Creativity is Life

Die Not--Despair Not

Obstacles choke

And block


Brick out


Fade out


Despair drowns


Darkness demolishes


Yet…. Inspite of

All heartbreaks:

Life keeps going..

Refuses to give up.

What…  ???

Keeps Life going?

Breaks:.. That life keeps waiting for…

Breaks:.. That never come!

To Hell with Breaks|||

Says Life…*****

Keeps going! on..on..on..Life..

Breaks may come,,,,or not;

Sun is a desert of tar…Earth a sphere of coal

Roses – Lilies – Tulips..Apples and Oranges

Coffee and Cakes on a sphere of coal?

And life?   What about Life?

Is it all over?  The End?  Really?

The Sun – a desert of tar… so what?

Earth – a sphere of coal… so what?

Are Sun and Earth

Desert of tar and sphere of coal

Gods of Life?

Is Life nothing but tar and coal?

Despair not..Die not

New Sun will Rise and Shine

New Earth will blossom with

Roses – Lilies – Tulips

Apples and Oranges

Life is….but Life..

Life creates Suns

Life creates Earth and Roses

Creativity is Life

You and me..Us and We

Are we creating?

Are we alive…with Life?

Or just a blob of tar?  A grain of coal?

Are we alive and human enough to make

Roses – Lilies – Tulips

Out of tar and coal in us?

Honestly and Truly before being Human

The Human must be a God first!


God makes mistakes;  has not been perfect.

His Stars keep falling.  His devotes rampage and murder

Organize and execute crazy carnage of the blossoms and the buds

And… of The Tillers of Life.

Devotes of God… and the God too

Are concerned with Heaven and Heaven alone.

They care for neither Life nor Earth.

To be Human is to be greater than God or a devotee of God

To be Human is to Progress and Develop

And advance from being God to Human!

Now ask honestly what are we

Are we Human – Are we Alive?

Are we really Progressing – Developing – Advancing –

As  Humans?

Or…Happy and glad to rot and decay

As  devotees –  as   Gods?

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